Financial Resources

Caring for your pet properly can be expensive, especially if an emergency or illness occurs. In an effort to make veterinary care more affordable, we encourage you to take advantage of the following resources.

Pet Insurance

The most pro-active way to manage veterinary costs is the insurance approach. We see pet insurance working well for several families in our practice, and the numbers are growing. The key is to understand the business model and the policy. The team at Mount Kisco Veterinary Clinic is committed to help you reap the benefits of pet insurance so that you can afford the best care for your pets.

We strongly recommend that you get your pet enrolled during puppy or kittenhood. All pet insurance companies exclude pre-existing conditions, so early enrollment allows you the most comprehensive coverage. If you are insuring a pet with existing medical history, we recommend that you request a full medical record review with the company of your choice to determine how any pre-existing signs, symptoms, or diagnoses will be classified. This way, you will have a realistic expectation of your policy and its coverage. After the review, if you decide that too many things are excluded, you can choose to discontinue coverage and investigate a different budgeting tool for your pet.

Before choosing a company or policy, visit the Pet Insurance Review website to gather information about all of your options and read reviews from insured pet owners. Below is a list of pet insurance companies that our team works closely with:



Whether you use it to cover annual expenses like preventive care check-ups or dental cleanings, or for unexpected emergencies, the CareCredit healthcare credit card makes it easy to give your pets the care they need, when they need it.

CareCredit healthcare credit card helps make costly procedures and treatments more manageable with promotional financing options like 6 months no interest (subject to credit approval and minimum monthly payments required).

Please visit for more information. The Mount Kisco Veterinary Clinic team is happy to help with the application process.

CareCredit is also accepted at local emergency and referral facilities including Katonah Bedford Veterinary Center and Animal Specialty Center.


Veterinary Care Foundation

The Veterinary Care Foundation (VCF) is a national not-for-profit charitable organization that helps pets in need of medical care. As a member of VCF, Mount Kisco Veterinary Clinic has a fund established to which animal lovers can donate monetary gifts. These funds can be applied to the cost of veterinary services performed at our clinic for pets without homes, or pets whose families are in need of financial assistance. Donations can be made via the VCF website.


If you have any questions about the best way to plan for the financial aspect of your pet’s medical care, feel free to contact us at 914-241-3337, and one of our team members can assist you.

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